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Goals of the association:

The acquisition, capture and / or distribution for the subsequent donation for social purposes of footwear from previous seasons, that couldn't be sold and now they are in stockrooms of traders and manufacturers of the industry.

The Association is created with the will to assume a responsible and active role in our society, making the merchants and producers of the industry responsible and aware of the actions the association is involved with, in order to give a second chance to that footwear that remains in stock through donations to the most disadvantaged social groups. The "Social Footwear" that is intended to be donated and handed over must be adhered to some premises: comfortable footwear, practical, no heels, resistant and durable that serves people with few resources in their day to day. To achieve these goals, the Association undertakes the following activities:

Create a system for collecting, distributing and delivering "Social Footwear" through collaboration with institutions, NGOs and similar entities with participation throughout the world, with resources and means to manage and get all these shoes to people who really are in need.

Carry out several communication and advertising campaigns to reach all shoemakers, distributors and manufacturers. Communication campaigns will be carried out through all possible means and in social networks, using computer portals that generate a great deal of dissemination, as well as any other means that may be considered appropriate. When appropriate, the Association may subscribe to collaboration agreements with companies and entities of all kinds within the framework of the Association's objective.

Every action and always is non-profit.

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17600 Figueres

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