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It was December 2015 when our friend Eduard López told us for the first time about his experiences during those three months that he spent in Nepal, collaborating and helping families who had lost everything due to the earthquake of April of that year. In that moment we could not imagine that in just 15 days, we would be launching the "Projecte Nepal Orígens 2016".

We met with a member of a small NGO, Hugging Nepal, who was helping families in a small village in Nepal, located about four days from Kathmandu. Due to the earthquake, the houses were totally destroyed and at that time they had not yet received any help from the government. The cooperant explained to us the precarious situation of these families. Sick children and adults walking barefeet with foot injuries, at extreme winter temperatures, at 4,000 meters above sea level.

So we decided to so our bit and help those who were in more need. On January 23rd of 2016, we managed to send the first shipment of 10 pairs of leather boots and 10 pairs of lined shoes from Toms brand, which a cooperant took to Nepal. It was a small help, but we slightly improved the situation of 20 families of the Thulo-Syabru village.

In order to help a little more, "Orígens" put on sale the Montserrat Cufí book "Empordà, root of my life" where 30% of the price was entirely for the reconstruction of the Tamang family house.

As the text in the "Orígens" bag says "... your enthusiasm, our commitment, your ideas ..." can improve a situation like the one in Nepal.

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