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After collaborating with Hugging Nepal, through "La Caixa" Volunteers, we contacted Ramón Godino, an actor, great collaborator and enthusiastic volunteer, who had done a huge amount of charity trips to the Dominiques Mission in Ruli, 60km from Kigali, capital of Rwanda.

The Mission of Ruli, founded in 1969, is the main focus of activity in the region and its hospital is considered the best in the country, with a department to fight AIDS, carrying out surgeries and a maternal center, among others. The complex also has orphanage, that gives workshops ,and a rural school.

The connection was immediate and we programmed the projection of the "PROJECT RWANDA" film in Figueres on April 21st of 2016, which had been premiered in 2015.

"When 20 years of genocide are fulfilled, a group of volunteers travels to Rwanda for various charitable purposes. The expedition is an experienced cooperator and an idealistic volunteer. They do not share the method, but each one in its own way tries to contribute in the best way towards a population that has not yet been able to close the wound. Two young Rwandans support activists throughout their stay in the country. They are children of a generation that was confronted. They, like Rwanda, live as if nothing had happened, but at the same time, without being able to erase the track of a conflict that still weighs them. "Project Rwanda" is a purple trip, a movie that will not leave you indifferent. (Synopsis of the movie)

Thanks to Ramon Godino and other volunteers, we filled out 4 "charity suitcases" with cotton and colourful Superga footwear from and Vans sport footwear, which were sent tin May and July of 2016. Type of footwear was very well received, as most of kids wear rubber sandals. Sport and cotton footwear are very practical and comfortable, especially because they do long distance trips by foot.

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